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X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future PastRelease on 23rd May, 2014

131 min
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The film revolves around two timelines. In the present day, X-Men fight with brother Mutant but, they fail to save Senator Robert Kelly. Moreover, the X-Men are warned about a possible future with their future version of heir teammate Kitty Pryde. Kitty has the power to make her mind travel back and see the future so she can warn the X - Men about the future dangers. She succeeds in her mission, but, her success does not completely wipe out the possibility of an alternative future to the actual one. It is now the responsibility of X-Men to take all steps to fight and change the past so that the future remains secure.



Go and watch the best comic-book movie ever. There is nothing like this you would have seen before!

One more dazzling sequel that will make you go ‘wow’. The movie is hilarious that makes it completely different from the other superhero stuff. Set in the 1970’s the movie takes its references from the Vietnam War and President Nixon, giving story a realistic background and letting it continue to be politically and sociologically conscious. The movie is energetic and entertaining, probably the best comic book movie ever. This sequel has just the impeccable balance of action, vibrancy and characters, unlike the previous ones. X-men uses overlapping fantasies of being unique to conquer the hearts of its fans!

The cast of the movie is PERFECT that amazingly tickles the modern audience with its humor and action. The impression of the movie becomes more prominent because of the special effects that have been put in to make it completely incredible. There is absolutely no dull moment in the story making it completely engaging and engrossing. It has the thrill that leaves you sitting on the edge of your couch and waiting to know what happens next. This movie has the excitement that leaves you breathless and definitely craving for more. Must-watch

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  • Sush Kon 26/05/14
    Just finished with this movie too...I enjoyed the movie but the storyline were very much confusing. Reven ( Jennifer lawrance ) did great job and all the men which created by that crazy scientist with Reven's DNA were horrible. The scene i saw in the last when they killed almost every mutant and story is going in both future and past side. and How the man who controls everyone's mind saves the world and of cause mutants. I rate the movie 3/5 coz other part I think better then this one!
  • Sush Kon 24/05/14
    I am having almost every movie of this X-men series excepts This one "Day of Future Past". What have been enjoying is Wolvorine! Yeah fan of Hugh Jackman and will be always. I just finished watching Trailer of Day of Future Past and what i can say is, This one gonna more good then other movies of the series. I also enjoy the girl who can change herself into anyone,. yeah The Hunger Games girl, Jennifer Lawrence :) She is been doing great job since she started working in films, and after most successful movie Hunger games, She probably gonna rock box office this time with X-Men : Days of Future & Past for sure!