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Thor The Dark World

Thor The Dark WorldRelease on 8th November, 2013

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Thor is back, but this time his thunder might get stolen. Malekith, of an ancient lineage has set in his mind to ravage the Nine Realms, and even Odin cannot stand between Malekith’s mega vandalism project and the security of Asgard. Thor gets back with Jane Foster, but what should have been a moment of rejoicing, is fraught with the premonitions of doomsday. The God of thunder readies himself for the ultimate sacrifice, if necessary.



Thor: The Dark World Thunders to $86 Million Box-Office Opening

"Thor: The Dark World" brought down the hammer this weekend, thundering to No. 1 at the U.S. box office with a estimated $86 million.
Disney’s Marvel superhero sequel rode the wave of momentum from last year's "The Avengers" – as "Iron Man 3" did earlier this year – to the year's fourth-biggest opening. It didn't match the U.S. debuts of those two Marvel films, the biggest-ever at $207 million and $174 million respectively, but the $170 million 3D epic blew past the first weekend of the pre-"Avengers" original "Thor."
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That one opened to $65 million in May of 2011 and went on to take in $450 million worldwide in 2011. With $94 million from overseas this weekend, 'The Dark World” has brought in more than $327 million in two weeks, and will out-earn 'Thor' by a wide margin. It opened No. 1 in China with nearly $20 million this weekend, better than “The Avengers.”
- Todd Cunningham
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Anticipated Fantasy Thor: The Dark World: Preview

Based on the story from Marvel comics, this is the story of Thor. The film is getting distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures. The film deals with the events after Marvel’s the avengers. Thor, the crown prince of Asgard, has to fight it out with Malekith to save the world from utter destruction. Thor joins hands with Jane foster to battle it out with Malekith. With a long drawn out battle, Jane and Selvig help Thor to destroy Malekith and his ship, which crumbles to crush Malekith. After the battle, Thor declines the offer to take the throne and narrates Odin’s sacrifice for the same.

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  • lulu hotoon 09/04/14
    how the hell do I actually watch the damn movie??????
  • Alfonso Chuchion 20/01/14
    yes how is it possible to see the movie here?
  • rashed reyeson 08/01/14
    how to play this video..? >_<
  • Kris Krison 16/11/13
  • Sukanya Tripathyon 12/11/13
    The movie is based on the comic character Thor and is produced by Marvel Pictures. Thor battles to save Earth from all evil forces but ancient race led by Malekith tries to take control over the cosmos. This race is so powerful that even Odin and Asgard are unable to fight it out. Thor must do everything at his disposal to save Earth and millions inhabiting it. So Thor embarks on a journey that will lead him to get united with Jane Foster. But, Thor also understands that he has to sacrifice everything if he has to succeed in his mission. This movie cannot be termed as the best that Marvel pictures has produced so far, but, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddlestom as Loki have given excellent performances.