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Captain Phillips

Captain PhillipsRelease on 11th October, 2013

134 min
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A ship, some pirates a piece of American history, Captain Phillips tell the real life story of Richard Phillips, captain of U.S cargo ship MV Maersk Alabama hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009 while it was heading towards Mombasa,Kenya. It remains a first time occurrence in the history of America in the last 200 years, and what followed is possibly a rare event in the history of the world a supreme act of sacrifice and courage one that restores faith in humanity. Captain Phillips negotiating for the safety of his crew surrenders himself to the gangsters of the high sea in exchange.

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Captain Phillips: Real to the core

Captain Philips, the movie which portrayed the hijacking of the American Ship, MV Maersk Alabama got released this week, and is emerging as a real crowd puller. The movie will make you sit in the edge of the seat throughout the running time, and this thriller element is the main key behind the success of Captain Philips. The real drama captured in reel is undoubtedly top notch, and things got even big when Tom Hanks enacted the character of Captain Richard Philips with finesse. If you are the one who loves uncompromised film making with intense sequences, then Captain Philips will be the perfect choice for you, and it will not disappoint you for sure

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